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    Merley Reviews - Hotel Chocolat
    Staff - 9/10

    Store Layout - 8/10

    Display - 8/10

    Product range - 9/10

    Purchased? - Yes

    Exit experience 9/10
    Carrier bag - 7/10
    Receipt - 7.5/10

    I visited Hotel CHocolat at Kings Cross Station, London. Due to the store's location it was small and quite busy but it had a great selcetion of chocolates including the seasonal Easter range. I purchased the Milk to Caramel H box. When I got to the till I was offered a choice of three sleeves, I chose 'Simply Thanks'.

    The service was excellent and the check out time was very efficient. I felt the bag, although branded, was a bit bland. The receipt had social media information and company branding which was pleasant to see. I think they would benefit from a scented receipt and also advertising their cafe and restaurant experiences.
    Merley Reviews - Lakeland
    Staff - 7/10

    Store Layout - 8/10

    Display - 8/10

    Product range - 7/10

    Purchased? - Yes

    Exit experience 6/10
    Carrier bag - 7/10
    Receipt - 5.5/10

    I visited the Lakeland store at The Centre: MK. There were no staff near the items I was looking at however I did see a member of staff assisting a lady in another part of the store. The product range stocked was targeted more towards cooking and I felt that the rest of the range available was limited.

    The kitchen roll holder I purchased is firm and sturdy, and although not a Lakeland own prodcut I felt I could trust it as it was stocked by the store.

    I was disappointed that I wasn't offered a bag and had to ask for one, especially as the item I purchased was bulky and heavy. The bag had a basic design supporting the Lakeland brand. The receipt was a nice pale blue colour on the thermal face which made it standout in my purse, but in contrast the non thermal face was not exciting and I would have liked to have seen some social media information.
    GOSH Premier Inn Clinical Building
    Merley would like to thank Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants for the opportunity to participate in the fundraising efforts which are helping to deliver the new Great Ormond Street Hospital Premier Inn Clinical building.

    Please find below the most recent updates and interesting facts on this project.

    Merley Reviews - White Stuff
    Staff - 9/10

    Store Layout - 8/10

    Display - 8/10

    Product range - 7.5/10

    Purchased? - Yes

    Exit experience 7.5/10
    Carrier bag - 9/10
    Tissue wrap - 8/10
    Receipt - 5/10

    I visited my local store in Hitchin. The staff are always very helpful and I look forward to my visits. I feel that the White Stuff's ranges usually cater for my needs. The only slight drawback is that this is a smaller store and the variety of clothing can be slightly limited. Howeber my husband is always grateful for the free coffee and seating area as am I, it stops him hasseling me all the time to hurry up.

    This dress stood out due to both the design catching my eye and the striking navy blue colour The material felt excellent and from previous experiences I know itwill look smart, wear well and keep it's looks.

    The bag had a great modern design supporting the White Stuff brand. My purchase was hand wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a pink branded label. The receipt was a little boring. Just black and white with no colour to make it stand out- it could have been from any retailer. I would have liked to have seen some social media or brand information.

    As you can see we're trying a new layout for our reviews. Please let us know what you think by tweeting us @MerleyPaper or posting on our Facebook page Merley Paper.
    Merley reviews - Scribbler

    Good: Large selection, Large range, high quality and great shopping experience
    Not so good: I would like to have seen a personalisation option in store

    I don’t go out and purchase greetings cards on a regular basis, unlike my mother, who is an avid user…however this was a special birthday so I wanted to express my feelings by sending a special card.

    Although Scribbler's cards were more expensive than some of the other shops I visited, the ones where you can purchase packs of 5 or 10 cards for £1, I was willing to spend more as I felt that this was reflected in the large range and quality of their cards, the colours were also very vibrant which really caught my eye… I would definitely recommend Scribbler to my friends and family for a great shopping experience.
    Merley Reviews
    Welcome to Merley Paper’s first product review.

    The first product I am reviewing is Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser.

    I really love the look of Kiehl’s products, they are very clear and informative, which is great if you’re trying a product for the first time. I like the texture and consistency of the cleanser, it was nice and thick and foamed up really well. Another positive you don’t need a lot per use so it will last you a good while. I am usually very cautious about trying new products as my skin is very sensitive but thankfully due to the gentle nature of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser I had no reaction at all which was great. I have combination skin and this cleanser didn’t dry me out or leave me feeling oily in the slightest. The staff at the King’s Cross store were extremely helpful, they did a skin test so I knew what product would be best for my skin type.

    If you asked me would I recommend this cleanser I would say yes, this will now be my regular cleanser. I will follow up this review in the future to let you know how I’m getting on with this product.
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