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    Merley Reviews - White Stuff
    Staff - 9/10

    Store Layout - 8/10

    Display - 8/10

    Product range - 7.5/10

    Purchased? - Yes

    Exit experience 7.5/10
    Carrier bag - 9/10
    Tissue wrap - 8/10
    Receipt - 5/10

    I visited my local store in Hitchin. The staff are always very helpful and I look forward to my visits. I feel that the White Stuff's ranges usually cater for my needs. The only slight drawback is that this is a smaller store and the variety of clothing can be slightly limited. Howeber my husband is always grateful for the free coffee and seating area as am I, it stops him hasseling me all the time to hurry up.

    This dress stood out due to both the design catching my eye and the striking navy blue colour The material felt excellent and from previous experiences I know itwill look smart, wear well and keep it's looks.

    The bag had a great modern design supporting the White Stuff brand. My purchase was hand wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a pink branded label. The receipt was a little boring. Just black and white with no colour to make it stand out- it could have been from any retailer. I would have liked to have seen some social media or brand information.

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